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The Island of Altaria

Recently in Altaria, supernatural happenings have been breaking out around Eldaron and has reached King Thedin’s knowledge. Due to this, the King has begun a campaign to root out the problems, but has gone about it in a controversial way. Magic usage (and items) has been declared illegal except for specifically authorized users. Multiple organizations have sprung up to take advantage of the economic gain in the distribution of magic goods to those who require them. Most notable are The Chimeras, The Creed, and The Lorithiel.

Among these problems, news of Orcish invasion from the North has caused some tensions in some of the outskirt villages. No raids have yet occurred, but official oracles are certain that invasion is imminent.

Racial diversity in Altaria is poor at best. Most are human or at least half-human, and racial tensions have been growing since the recent illegalization of magic, especially between the cultures who find magic as a necessary form of self-expression.

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